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Pure Drinking Water should be Ensured

Ahmed MU
Original Articles
Effect of Smoking on the Red Blood Cell Count, Hemoglobin Concentration, Hematocrit and Red Cell Indices in Adult Male Smokers

Nargish S, Kabir MH, Akhter K, Nahid KA, Hossain MM, Karmakar P, Ahmed M, Islam MZ
Incidence of Otolaryngological Diseases in General Population: A Study in Eastern Medical College Hospital

Alam AU, Ullah MK, Shakil M, Rahman SMT, Ahamed MK, Sarower MG
Assessment of Difficulties in Breastfeeding in Infants below 6 months of Age

Sultana S, Sufian A, Rahman SB, Hossain S, Kabir F, Das J
Association of Serum High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein with Insulin Resistance in Patients with Type-ΙΙ Diabetes Mellitus

Hossain N, Haque M, Karmakar P, Chowdhury HM, Barua P, Hoque A, Mazhar A
Impact of Mass Media on Attitude and Practice of Public Health Knowledge among Urban Population of Bangladesh

Nowshin I, Salim F, Rozario RJ, Nazneen H
Review Article
Hypomagnesemia and Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus

Karmakar P, Jahan I, Islam MZ
Case Report
Complete Excision of Nerve Originating Hemangioma: A Case Report

Mahmud NU, Patwary MSR, Hasan MM, Rahman SMT, Alam MS
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