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Death Rate of the Children Enhances due to the Environmental Pollution

Ahmed MU
Original Articles
Dyselectrolyteaemia in Stroke Patients at a Tertiary Level Hospital in Bangladesh

Pal BK, Majumder MI, Chowdhury NH, Das P, Saha CK, Basak PM
Chest X-ray findings of Pulmonary Tuberculosis with Diabetes Mellitus

Begum SA, Saibal AA, Mannan A, Islam Z
Antibiogram of Extended Spectrum Beta-lactamase (ESBL) producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella spp. isolated from Tertiary Level Hospitals

Rahman NMW, Nabi G, Afreen KN, Islam MR, Foysal AA
Detection of Organisms and Antibiotic Resistance Pattern of Predominant Organism Isolated from Wound Infection

Islam B, Rahman NMW, Afrin S, Nabi G, Islam Z
Comparative Study between the Thiopental Sodium and Propofol in Day Case Anaesthesia

Rahman SMT, Arefin MS, Sarwar G, Rahman MM, Ahamed MK, Alam A
Review Article
Childhood Obesity: A Review

Alam R, Sadique Z, Jahid I
Case Reports
Clavicle Tumor - A Rare Site for Bone Neoplasm: A Case Report

Rahman MM, Ahad AMN, Ahamed MK, Rahman SMT, Das RK, Biplob MNU
Pregnancy with Multiple Fibroids and Big Ovarian Tumor: A Case Report

Akter MS, Arzoo S, Afroz S, Rahman SMT, Begum SA, Airi K, Islam MM
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